Choosing an exterior color for your home can be a challenging task. You want your house to stand out, but not in a bad way. You need to consider the neighborhood and area that you live in to find the most appropriate choices of colors for your home. There is such a thing as color psychology. This means that certain emotions and feelings arise from looking at certain colors. Keep this in mind when choosing a paint color and color scheme for your home. Cool colors and neutrals, for example, provide a calming, soothing affect on your mood. That’s the kind of home you want to “come home” to! Here’s some tips for choosing a paint color scheme for your home.

Choose A Powerful Color Scheme

There are certain colors that just work well together. These colors are like celebrity power couples. Try these combinations on for style:

White+ Light Blue
Brown + Yellow Gold
Taupe + Olive Green
Light green + Yellow
White + Dark Brown
Light Green + Light Blue
Dark Brown + Light Brown
Black + White
Gray + Light Blue
Red-Brown + Cream
Gray + White

You can work any other number of colors into these suggested color schemes as well. Every color in fact has undertones. This is why you should view a color more than once before choosing to paint your home that color. Blue and green accents, for example, work well with shades of tan and white. However, you can’t blindly chose the shades to make them work.

Use Shiny Finishes For Highlighting

Higher gloss paints and more highly reflective colors can be used on your home’s trim. You wouldn’t want these colors used as a main color on your home’s surface. Keep in mind the type of paint and the way in which the colors will be used when planing to paint.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Design

There’s certain colors that will appear jarring when it comes to the exterior design of your home. In a neighborhood of neutral color homes, it may look strange to pick fire engine red for your exterior paint color. Certain homes and neighborhoods even have codes that must be adhered to when it comes to the home painting process and choice of color. Choose colors based on the type of home you own.

Remember Your Front Door Counts

The color of your front door is a part of the exterior paint job of your home. If you love your white house, but are looking to add a bit of color, try painting the door a shade of blue. While it will stand out, the contrast of color can work well. This is especially true if the color of the front door matches the color of your home’s trim.

The biggest decision you’ll ever make about your pool is the safety barrier you place around it. You have a lot to protect; your children, your pets, your neighbors and your privacy. The barrier is needed and often required by law, but it has to look good and work well with your home, gardens, and pets.

A wooden fence will probably give you the most privacy for your new pool and back yard retreat. Remember though, do you want to be blocked off from the outside world or do you want some privacy without isolating yourself? You can partner fencing with landscape design and masonry to create the perfect barrier and safety zone for your loved ones.

Lattice is a popular fence option as it works well with plants, privacy and style. Lattice creates a very unique barrier in addition to acting as a fence. It also will allow you to block any items that you don’t want to see or are not using, such as the pool filter system, the chemicals, floatation devices or extra pool furniture.

There are several choices when shopping for fences and entry gates to pool areas. Latches, alarms, and various safety features are also in abundance and a very important decision to make when you are doing your fence research. The number one decision making feature is safety. What works best with your family and your water environment should be the decision making factor. Once the fence is in, have fun and be safe!

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